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        Making microgrids smart starts with data. Modern electrical components generate a great deal of measurement data that show their state and operating parameters, and are normally used for automatic control.

        A smart microgrid employs innovative products and services together with intelligent monitoring, control, communication, and other processes in order to achieve a number of high-level goals. The goals are as follows:

No. Goal Definition
1 Optimisation Know customer needs, system topology and the status of every major component in real or near-real time to enable autonomous optimisation with the aim of maximising reliability, availability, efficiency and economic performance of the system.
2 Adaptation Rely as little as possible on operators, particularly in responding rapidly to changing conditions.
3 Prediction Apply operational data to equipment maintenance, identify potential problems before they occur.
4 Interactivity Provide timely and relevant information to all stakeholders, enable them to manage the system in line with their needs and competences, facilitate interaction and cooperation.
5 Self-healing Automatically repair potentially faulty equipment or remove from service, reconfigure the system to ensure reliable energy supply.
6 Flexibility How the system adapts to changing conditions, whether internal or external. Interconnect distributed power resources in a rapid and safe manner at any moment and in any location.
7 Integration Enable real-time communication and control functions within and across the entire system.
8 Security Ensure physical and cyber security of all critical assets and transactions.
9 Quality Voltage, frequency, waveform, and the like properties of the supplied power. Good quality means the power is steadily supplied and is close to the rated values, which is critical for the loads to function properly.
10 Dependability system availability, reliability, durability and maintainability.
11 Cost Considerable technological progress has been made and the price gap is rapidly closing. In some cases, clean energy is already cheaper, taking into account all relevant factors.