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Bioyo Biotech, founded in 2008, embraces the concept of "nature" and combines technology, and is committed to environmental protection and microbial research and development, pursuing to improve the quality and stability of products in the aquaculture industry in a way that does not damage the environment, in order to achieve a balanced development of environmental protection and economy. The company recently found new breakthroughs and developments in the field of environmental protection, and has developed a variety of products that help reduce environmental pollution, such as deodorization, decomposition of food waste, and decomposition of farm animal carcasses. The ambitions are to successfully market these new products in the future, solve the current public health problems in China and abroad, and achieve the ultimate goal of pollution-free.

Bioyo Biotech has a strain research and development centre to continuously research and develop new microbial strains and microbial applications. Currently operating in the following fields: crop, livestock, aquatic, environmental protection, and green/yellow storage industries, etc. The company spares no effort to invest in research and development for environmental protection-related issues in order to develop new and better products. For this purpose, Bioyo Biotech has established an operation center with the most advanced production technology, including R&D experiment center, product manufacturing center and sales and transfer center, and is currently building a factory.

Enterprise Vision:     Become the leading brand in microbial applications.
Enterprise Mission:   To create a new lifestyle and attitude based on nature, to convey the requirements of natural, organic and healthy.
Enterprise Object:     1.Dedicated to the development and application of microorganisms.
                                  2.Promote the benefits of microorganisms: natural and healthy.
                                  3.Replace traditional antibiotics and chemical products that are harmful to human health.
                                  4.Promote the concept of environmental sustainability.
                                  5.Maintain sustainable business operation.

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