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Large scale gasifiers
Bioliq-Pilot plant
     The bioliq process, developed at the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) aims at the production of synthetic fuels and chemicals from biomass. The bioliq technology is based on a two-step process with decentral pyrolysis for the production of a transportable slurry from residual biomass (e.g. straw) and central slurry gasification and BtL production.
     The pilot plant aims at demonstration the bioliq technology on a TRL level of 6. Reliable mass and energy balances will be provided; practical experience in operation and on equipment used will be gained. Furthermore, fuel flexibility and product quality have to be verified. Also, the bioliq pilot plant acts as a research platform which is embedded in a broad R&D framework, forming the basis for a knowledge#based optimization and further development of the technical processes, also allowing to explore applications of the products and technologies involved.
     The facility is operated in the 24/7 continuous mode for individual measurement campaigns to collect operating data for a broad spectrum of feed materials, and to provide synthesis gas for the downstream synthesis of gasoline. Since commissioning, roughly 900 tons of slurry were successfully converted into raw synthesis gas in 1200 h of operation.