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Bio Energy Netherlands

Bio Energy Netherlands (BEN) is a company with a vision on using sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. They start their company producing heat and power using gasification as base technology, but in the future will use this platform to produce biogas, hydrogen and CO2, all used in the chemical industry.

BEN uses modular plants, and because of the modular structure, BEN can respond flexibly to the local demands for its end products.

Green heat for district heating and/or industrial applications:
-Green electricity
-Green hydrogen
-Green Gas
-Green CO₂ 

     The gasification plants of BEN use biomass, mainly in the form of residual wood. ‘Biomass’ (in this context) means all organic and biologically degradable materials that may be used as resources or fuel. The use of biomass is only sustainable under the right conditions. This is why the gasifiers of Bio Energy Netherlands exclusively use residual flows and regional biomass, making sure that the biomass was never harvested for the production of energy and improving the sustainability.

     The gas that is produced by Bio Energy Netherlands can be used to generate heat and electricity. There is a collaboration with Jenbacher and excellent results with Jenbacher 620 syngas engine have been achieved.